We help our clients transform operations using technology to make IT investments go further

Our intimate knowledge of our clients' businesses, combined with domain capabilities and global scale, enables us to provide focused solutions tailored to their specific needs and objectives.

By bringing together passionate, skilled people, a tech-driven approach to innovation, and a deep commitment to our clients, we are able to assist organizations in unlocking the true value of technology.

Our Story

We are a digital services company that empowers businesses to maximize their software, cloud, and technology investments. We help clients develop digital strategies to support their business growth and enable them to compete, scale, innovate, and thrive during dynamic market conditions.

What we stand for
Our Mission

“To be a Trusted digital transformation partner”

Our Values
Environmental, Social and Governance

Teqbit is committed to developing sustainable and responsible business practices that benefit all our stakeholders and contribute to a better world.​

Our company is embarking on an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) journey, just like many other organizations. As a technology industry leader, we are committed to enhancing diversity in both our workforce and senior leadership. The technology we sell and serve also requires us to act to protect the data and privacy of our customers. We are committed to regularly reporting our progress using science-based measurements as we start our journey.

Our Offices

TEQBIT Corporate Headquarters

728 East Northwest Highway​ Suite 200, Palatine​ Illinois 600074, USA


B#137 ​Nafeh and Mohd Belshalat, ​Al Baraha, Dubai, UAE

TEQBIT India Office

Hitech City​, Hyderabad, India